Thursday, February 8, 2018

To all of my readers, this is a place where we will learn more about each other, about our religions and cultures, and it would be my honor and pleasure to have you all submit to me stories, experiences, or whatever you may come up with that highlights a meaningful part of who you are and what you believe. This is a story that I wrote that represents the faith that I believe in. I believe that God will forgive our sins if we but ask for it and actively seek Him in our lives. Though the nameless soldier in this story needed forgiveness for the most serious of sins, murder, we all have battles that we have waged and "swords" that we have rent aside in the name of drawing closer to God. This story is about all of us. I really hope you enjoy and feel free to email me at about things you would like to see highlighted in "The Daily Meditation".

The Nameless Soldier by Isaac Talley
Blood replaced once dry ground. A nameless soldier as a statue overlooking the carnage that he so regrettably took part of. With his blade dripping, sacred drops reuniting in a sea of red, the soldier dropped to his knees, he rent his sword from his shaking hand. His eyes found their way to the sky, with tears streaming down his face, he screamed an inaudible, agonized plea. He knew too well the absence of solace his soul kept. He looked down again to see the faces of his friends and men he had been not yet acquainted. Men, waging war for the separate causes and under different banners were now equal; for, they all bled under the same sun. His heart so heavy laden, he closed the eyes of his comrade on his right and did likewise to the stranger on his left with equal reverence. Oh, how he longed for the beautiful scene of peace! The solace of his family and the day-to-day love they so willingly showed him! How he longed for the freedom of cleanliness! Why was he the one cursed with survival? “Is it not better to join the red sea? Is it not better to be with men I know so plainly?” He questioned.
As he contemplated these troublesome thoughts, and darkness seemed to envelop his very soul, a man from behind him spoke saying, “My friend, what troubles such a noble man as thee?” Through a voice choking back tears, the man told him the afflictions of his heart. Not just of the battle he waged that day but of the horrors he had seen in years past and how they so vividly haunted him even now. The stranger was quiet for a time, but then he spoke. He replied in an anguished voice of His own, “Turn and look to me that I may relieve ye of such a burden as this.”  “What manner of man are ye to suppose that ye can dismiss the afflictions of my soul?” The soldier cried. Through even more despair the stranger implored, “Ye will know me the instant your eyes find me, and ye will know assuredly that I might dismiss the plagues of your sorrow torn mind.”
                The soldier was curious to look upon him, for what man would make such a bold claim? He felt an overwhelming sense that he should look upon with somewhat familiar stranger, but he did not. He knew no man could help such a troubled soul as he. The man arose from where he knelt, and with a pure heart said, “I am grateful for such an offer as thou hast given me, but I am not a man gifted with the reassurance of a second chance.” He then reached for his sword but hesitated. Why should he pick up the tool of his affliction? Why would he continue to act upon the wishes of the people that caused him such anguish? From that point on he swore to never pick up the sword again, and he walked away from the stranger who seemed to be weeping at the soldier’s expense. “What man cares so greatly for a man such as I?” He wondered.
                Many years had passed from the day the soldier had promised to forsake war, and he now lied upon his deathbed. His family knelt around his bed for support, but they seemed to be fading from his vision and were replaced with a bright light that exceeded the brightness of the noon-day sun.  After the light had fully enveloped the man a voice called out to him by name. To this man’s astonishment, he recognized the voice! He asked the light, “From whence have I heard thine voice, O great one? For surely have I have never been in the presence of anything as great as thee!” The light replied ever so gently, “My child, I have always been with thee in thine heart. The place from whence ye know my voice is from the day you fought so bravely. I am the stranger that begged ye look upon me that I might take away thine afflictions and ye looked not upon me.”

The man began to weep. The stranger asked, “Why weepest thou, my son?” Through a strained voice, he cried, “Forgive me, Father, I knowest now who thou art! I was too blinded to see but now, as you said  I would, I know thee!” “Who am I?” The stranger questioned.  Then, with a  look of hope and tears of joy streaming down his face, the man replied, “Ye are my Redeemer, The Great One, ye are my Everlasting God! Ye are the one being whose Son died for my sins and gave me life! Father, I beg of thee, might my sins be assuaged? Please break the bonds of my sins and bring me home! I love thee with all of mine heart!” Then God said with tears of joy in His eyes, “Ye look upon me now. Ye were forgiven from the day ye rent thine sword and chose to live in righteousness.” He then approached the man and embraced his long-lost son, and from that point forward, this soldier had a name. He was a child of God.

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